Monday, 23 February 2009

His humble residence

Such a structure ay? 2D itself is challenging, what's more to sculpture something out from the foundation. Japan? No, Germans produce excellent work as well ay!

The 130 sqm residence in Hamburg, Germany by Kraus Schonberg Architects is partially submerged to provide privacy yet keep a sense of openness. The glazed lower level contains the living areas with views into garden, whilst the varying upper floor levels - finished in engineered timber on the exterior contain the more private spaces wrapped around the central atrium.

My hp died on me few days back. It felt like instant heart attack. I'm cool.
How was weekend for you there? Mine was hmmmm good. Wbf left for Aussie yesterday, felt a little sourish. But you know what? Time speed off like rocket. I'm Treasuring it. You, take care there, my wbf.