Thursday, 5 February 2009

Twist & Turn

First Post of the day for my Blog New Look!

Don't you just love these chairs? Might not be practical in its usage though, but don't you love the treatment they have there? It was amazing!

By: Sebastian Brajkovic

I've change my skin again, what say you? Good? I like it clean and organize, see, these are one of those things I've marinated and yes, hunting down better layouts and more navigation is part of the deal! Well you see, I've added a few other sections that I thought its helpful, and yes! I've finally got links!! and I can finally have got the comment section instead of tag-box! Better? I like it these way though. Improvements?

Yea, improving as it is.


jun said...

its me and my new blog!!

ant said...

fast and effective!