Thursday, 8 January 2009

Circle circle turn

Thomas Forsyth from the UK designed this amazing Drawing tops! Not that the art work draws my query, but rather the interactions draws my attention. Is'nt this oh-so-fun? Yay!

"A spinning-top, that uses a pen as the spindle, represents many of the core ideas behind my current work. It is recognisable, un-intimidating, and invites people to interact with objects that can lead to unpredictable results, or an emergent property. Simply through indulging in the enjoyable process of spinning the top a bi-product is created. Where the pen marks the surface, a beautiful map of the experience and events that have occurred is produced. I am able to draw, but I am not particularly talented at it and yet found that, through the interaction with these objects, I have created drawings that I am more proud of than any I have done before".

Ps// As New Year just began, I have a few pointers/ changes in mind that I wish to execute. But right now I am coming in terms with my own thoughts. Alas! Let me meditate a while more!