Saturday, 6 December 2008

Less is More

Weekend are hard to come by, let's not hurry into things and go through it slowly. That! I found the perfect photographer to execute the idea.

Nicholas Hughes

His work are break down into 5 segment; In Darkness Visible Verse 1 | Verse 2 | Edge Verse 1 | Verse 2 | Immaterial

He've got interesting biography as well as rationale towards his work. It was pretty chunky, thus I've break down into which are the focal point after looking at his work.

“What Hughes is doing with both verses of his elegy is asking us –‘ to slow down to find the still small voice of calm that in the darkness may yet be visible.’

“All change is a miracle to contemplate; but it is a miracle, which is taking place every instant.”

I felt so calm looking at his photos. Alas! Oh Less is More also reflects on the weekend I'd yearn for!

Abstract ay? That's what I like! Anyway, I read dozen of designer interview last week! I'll post it up when I think the time is right! So when will the time be right? Oh, when I've the time to consolidate all the information!