Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Tick Tock Tick

Hello People! Christmas Eve is like tomorrow! Like hello!! Tomorrow!! And time is literally zoomming by! Soon, 2009 is knocking on the door steps! Gosh! Yes yes, I am already in the festive mood! Gasp!! Let the Design do the talking! Whoosh!

Happy Christmas Everyone! Be so bless!

Eclipse a clock without a face, uses only its hands to tell the time.
Designed by Qian Yiran.

Draw your clock now! "The face of a clock usually indicates the units of time, while also serving as the backdrop for the hour and minute hands. Time is usually read as a relationship between the clock's face and its hands. Eclipse reverses this relationship by eliminating the clock face. It uses only the hands of the clock to tell the time. Besides enabling the user to tell the time from the positions of the hour and minute hands, Eclipse also displays time's units digitally. In addition, Eclipse eliminates material wastage, as the clock face is not required." For likecooler have not seen this design.

What a coooooool clock! No longer the usual round ay?