Thursday, 20 November 2008

Swinging Underground

This was fun ay? This designer here Caroline Woolard came up with this project, apparently, she'd stop posting online (What A pity) but still, her project lives on as a legacy ay?

I somewhat like the project description:

Project Description::

The now infamous New York City subway dictate “if you see something, say something,” confiscated our eyes and paired perception with suspicion. To look is to help us [ the police] interrogate and convict. In this atmosphere of hostility and numbness, I refuse to surrender my eyes. I swing my way to work, taking the monotonous commute to the playground with an innocent act. The swing encourages collective imagination. Please take a turn. The swing has a double life, living incognito as a functional bag. I accept commissions for bags, but you can also make your own swing with a gym bag and rope, three belts connected together, or a normal swing.

I hope that the innocent amusement of swinging on the subway eclipses the atmosphere of suspicion and insulation that random searches (and the motto “if you see something say something”) produces. May playful engagement in public space provide a plausible alternative to the monotony of routine!

Note on Flying: The swing began my Flying Lessons. Gravitation is a phenomenon through which all objects attract each other. Flight is the process by which an object achieves sustained movement through the air. Flying is the only way to escape a two-dimensional existence.


If only the Mrt here's not so pack in the early morning, not, I believe I would really swing myself to work! Haa, how fun!