Monday, 10 November 2008

Party anyone?


Tell me, with all this product going on, how can one not party every weekend?! Can you believe it? It's suppose to be "paper plates" Goodness me! Just look what the Jap had done!!

Wait till you read about the concept!

: Holding a plate in one's hands, its forms, texture and ease of use make the heart skip. It naturally elicits people's smile.

WASARA's elegant flowing forms accentuate the delicacy of the cuisine, even choreographing the graceful movements of those who hold them.

Highlight: Eco-friendly WASARA employed reed pulp and bagass (Sugarcane waste) for its material. Reeds have strong life force, and are in no danger of extinction.. .. By replacing wood pulp with non-wood material WASARA blends with the natural practics of reducing waste.

Tsk! They have got wine cup, coffee cup, plates & sculpture bowls. It's so infuriating that such beauty exist!